Seattle Firefighters Pipes & Drums

The Seattle Firefighters Pipes & Drums (SFP&D) was formed in 2004 to honor fallen police and fire fighters killed in the line of duty. The band is made up completely of career Seattle Fire Fighters who volunteer their time and energy to honor the fallen with bagpipes and drums. This volunteer organization is funded on donations and paid performance.

The tradition of bagpipes in the fire service dates back to the very first fire departments in the country who were made up mostly of Irish men who took the job out of pride but also because they couldn’t find other work. Being a fireman back then was a dirty and dangerous job and no one wanted to do it. Faced with ‘NINA’ (No Irish Need Apply) signs for most other jobs, these men became policemen and fire fighters. The bagpipes became synonymous with both professions due to the many funerals of these dangerous occupations. Besides playing Line of Duty funerals, the band also participates in parades, fundraisers, charity events, parties, weddings, fire department ceremonies and just about anyplace they’ll take us.

If you wish to hire the band for an event, please email